What is it?

Yotcopi is a highly-efficient numerical library involving large-data simulation. It is designed to be user-friendly even to the novice with little/ no experience in programming. It is particularly useful in large matrix operations in engineering.

Yotcopi is developed in C++, enhanced by Boost, to ensure that the library is most up-to-date and efficient at all times. Interfacing with Python will be the plan for Yotcopi.

Latest release

Latest version of Yotcopi (version 1.1.2/alpha) was released.

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More information

More information regarding setup and installation can be found here.

For troubleshooting problems, please kindly direct them to the Yotcopi mailing list.

For a fast introduction, please refer to the user guide and tutorial.

Software Licence

Yotcopi is protected under a worldwide copyright licence, issued by National University of Singapore (NUS) and managed by its Industry Liasion Office (ILO).

NUS ILO Ref: 14315N

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